10 Lines Essay on Eyes in English

  1. Eyes are sense organs that enable living organisms to see.
  2. There are usually a pair of eyes in every organism with few exceptions.
  3. Eyes are made of several parts such as cornea, iris and retina.
  4. Eyes are directly connected to the brain via the optic nerve.
  5. Experts suggest that it is the eye that catches the light from the outside world and the brain that converts those signals into an image with the help of the retina.
  6. Eyes help us to differentiate various colors such as red, black and orange.
  7. Some animals have more rod cells in their eyes that enable them to see in dim light.
  8. Humans have stereoscopic vision that helps them to perceive objects in three-dimensional form.
  9. Eyes are protected by eye-lids and eye-lashes.
  10. Lens is the main part of the eye that helps to adjust focus of the eye.