10 Lines Essay On Evelyn Glennie In English For Students

  1. Evelyn Glennie was born in 1965 in Scotland.
  2. She is a percussionist with innovative music techniques.
  3. She was a piano player but later switched to percussion.
  4. She became deaf at the age of 12, but that did not stop her to become one of the best at her profession.
  5. She is known for her use of unconventional percussion instruments, such as water phones and flowerpots, as well as for her ability to play multiple instruments at once.
  6. Evelyn Glennie has also composed many tracks.
  7. She has made every possible effort to teach music to people with disabilities.
  8. Evelyn Glennie has also received numerous awards and honors throughout her career, including the Polar Music Prize.
  9. Evelyn Glennie has about 30 albums in her name with many more spin offs.
  10. Evelyn Glennie holds about 32 honorary doctorates from numerous universities of the world.