10 Lines Essay On Europe Continent In English For Students

  1. Europe is a continent located in the north-eastern hemisphere.
  2. It is the sixth largest continent of the world.
  3. It’s size is about 10 million square kilometers.
  4. Europe has a rich cultural and political history.
  5. The European economy is one of the largest in the world, with countries such as Germany and France among the top global economic powers.
  6. Many beautiful mountain ranges such as the Andes are located in Europe.
  7. Europe has a population of about 740 million people.
  8. Many European countries are well-developed such as Sweden, Denmark etc.
  9. Europe is also famous for many tourist destinations such as Switzerland’s picnic spots and millions of tourists fly every year to Europe to spend their holidays.
  10. Over twenty seven countries from Europe have created their union known as European Union to take part as a single entity in trade and other activities.