10 Lines Essay On Euclid In English For Students

  1. Euclid was a famous mathematician from Greece.
  2. He is known today as the father of Geometry.
  3. His most famous work was “Elements” which contains 13 books based on different topics.
  4. Euclid was famous for his unique style of logical reasoning used in solving complex mathematical equations.
  5. Euclid’s work has its influence in the field of architecture, engineering, computer science etc.
  6. Euclid’s works have been translated into many other languages such as Arabic, Latin etc.
  7. Euclid had knowledge of other branches of sciences such as Astronomy and mechanics.
  8. Euclid’s “Elements” remains one of the most important works in the history of mathematics, and continues to inspire curiosity, wonder, and awe in people around the world.
  9. Euclid’s division lemma revolutionized the world of mathematics.
  10. Euclid held a high respect among his contemporaries.