10 Lines Essay On Etiquette In English For Students

  1. Etiquette means a set of behavior that one should display while being in the company of others.
  2. Good etiquette is essential for building positive relationships and creating a favorable impression.
  3. Etiquette includes wishing someone in a good manner so that the other person feels good and better.
  4. Showing respect to everyone regardless of knowing them or not is a part of human etiquette.
  5. Apologizing after making a mistake is a part of good etiquette.
  6. Listen attentively when others are speaking and avoid interrupting them.
  7. While having good etiquette, respect personal space and avoid invading someone’s privacy.
  8. Being trustworthy also forms a good part of excellent etiquette.
  9. Avoiding profanity, cursing, and not using polite language hampers one’s character, and etiquette fulfills the void created by such activities.
  10. Always showing up on time and following activities such as honesty and good character completes a person in both personal and professional fields of life.