10 Lines Essay On Ethics In English For Students

  1. Ethics are a set of moral or social principles that have the ability to guide human behavior.
  2. Ethics enable a society to judge between right and wrong.
  3. Ethics includes honesty, integrity, responsibility, and morality.
  4. Ethics differ from society to society and community to community.
  5. One thing for a society may be ethically right but the same thing could be ethically wrong for another community/society.
  6. Ethical conduct acts as the core of the working of various societies across the world.
  7. A good ethical discourse is treating others with kindness and empathizing with their state.
  8. An ethicless world would be nothing but chaos and anarchy.
  9. Many countries have built legislation on the basis of ethics.
  10. Almost all the world’s civil or criminal courts follow the rule of law based on ethical principles.