10 Lines Essay On Eskimo In English For Students

  1. Eskimo are the people which are the inhabitants of arctic and subarctic regions of the earth of Alaska, Canada, Siberia.
  2. There are many cultures belonging to Eskimo people such as Inuit, Yupik and Aleut.
  3. They have developed ways of hunting, fishing and living in the harsh winters of Siberia, Canada and Alaska.
  4. They hunt animals for their hides and furs to keep themselves warm during cold nights.
  5. They have their own traditional folklore , which includes singing and dancing around the fire.
  6. Due to climate change, they have faced an existential threat.
  7. They prefer diets with high fat storage that help them to survive in the cold harsh climate.
  8. Some countries have granted eskimos the right as aboriginal people.
  9. Eskimo people have their own distinct group of languages mainly divided into two groups.
  10. In their own communities, they believe in the principle of sharing and share the food with other communities if they have a surplus.