10 Lines Essay On Eraser In English For Students

  1. Eraser, also known as Rubber, is a tool which is used to remove marks from paper, white/blackboards or skin.
  2. They come in many shapes and types such as hexagonal, triangular, rectangular and squared.
  3. Erasers are made from rubber plants.
  4. When an eraser is used on blackboard or whiteboard, it is called as duster.
  5. After the development of a process called, ‘Vulcanisation’, by Chareles Goodyear, erasers became popular.
  6. Edward Nairne is credited with the development of the first Eraser in 1770.
  7. Synthetic rubber is mainly used for manufacturing erasers, however with the increase in price other chemicals such as vinyls are also used.
  8. When an eraser is used to clear pencil marks, it produces a black dust called debris.
  9. Attempts have been made to patent the design of erasers attached to one end of pencils but were not approved.
  10. With recent improvement, pen erasers have also been developed.