10 Lines Essay on English Teacher in English for Students

  1. English teachers are those who teach one of the main subjects essential to students.
  2. In schools where English is taught as the first language, they become all the more important. 
  3. They are often considered to be fun teachers.
  4. This is so because learning English is comparatively light to other main subjects and hence is more enjoyable.
  5. These teachers usually start teaching from scratch.
  6. They first teach the alphabet before moving on to basic grammar.
  7. Then, they teach about summaries and analyses. 
  8. English Teachers are crucial to students studying in schools in two ways.
  9. Firstly, they are important for students studying in English medium as they set the basis for the students to study every other subject.
  10. Secondly, even for schools where the medium is their regional language, English is still an important language to be taught as it is crucial for their future.