10 Lines Essay on English Language in English for Students

  1. The English Language is a universal language.
  2. This is so because it is widely spoken across the globe.
  3. Its extent is so far and wide that it is the common tongue in several countries. 
  4. It is thus referred to as the “lingua franca of the world”.
  5. Statistically, English is the official language in 67 countries across the world.
  6. It is spoken as the first language by over 400 million people. 
  7. Again, it also happens to be the most recurrent second language across the globe. 
  8. English is widely preferred and it offers uniformity and standard.
  9. In addition, knowing the language opens several opportunities, both in studies and jobs. 
  10. It is also used as a standard language in fields such as computer coding.