10 Lines Essay on Engineers Day in English for Students

  1. Engineer’s Day is celebrated on both the national and international levels.
  2. Internationally, it is celebrated on March 4th every year.
  3. UNESCO declared this to be ‘UNESCO World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development’.
  4. This was done after the World Federation of Engineering Organizations’ proposal.
  5. Thus, this day is celebrated ever since 2019 after the proposal.
  6. In India, Engineer’s Day is celebrated on the 15th of March.
  7. This day is chosen to commemorate the birth of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.
  8. He was a notable civil engineer and the Diwan of Mysore.
  9. This day was picked as he pioneered engineering advancements and achievements.
  10. On both these dates, engineers and the field of engineering are commemorated.