10 Lines Essay On Endemic Species In English For Students

  1. An endemic species is found only in a specific geographic area or region.
  2. Endemic species are often unique and have adapted to specific environmental conditions.
  3. These species are usually found in isolated areas such as islands or mountain ranges.
  4. Endemic species can be vulnerable to extinction due to habitat loss, climate change, or other threats.
  5. Endemic species play an important role in their ecosystem by maintaining balance and contributing to biodiversity.
  6. Endemic species can provide important information for scientific research and can also have cultural significance.
  7. Protecting and conserving endemic species is crucial for maintaining ecological integrity and preserving natural heritage.
  8. Some examples of endemic species include the Galapagos penguin, the Komodo dragon, and the Hawaiian honeycreeper.
  9. Endemic species are often a focus of conservation efforts, and measures such as habitat protection and restoration can help protect them.
  10. In India, Western Ghats have a lot of endemic species.