10 Lines Essay On Endangered Animals In English For Students

  1. Endangered animals are species that are at risk of extinction.
  2. About 16000 species are endangered right now.
  3. Among them are the giant panda, the Siberian tiger, the black rhinoceros, the orangutan, and the blue whale.
  4. Habitat loss and fragmentation, are major threats to many endangered species.
  5. Climate change is also a significant factor in the decline of many endangered species.
  6. Pollution, such as water and air pollution, is another major threat to endangered species, as it can have devastating effects on their health and reproductive success.
  7. Poaching and illegal wildlife trade are also significant contributors to the endangerment of many species, as they put tremendous pressure on populations of animals such as elephants, rhinos, and tigers.
  8. Endangered animals play crucial roles in their ecosystems, and their loss can have cascading effects on other species and the environment as a whole.
  9. Conservation efforts, such as habitat protection, breeding programs, and anti-poaching measures, are crucial in protecting endangered species and preserving biodiversity.
  10. When an endangered species becomes extinct, it leave it’s niche open which leads to probems in ecosystem.