10 Lines Essay on Empathy in English for Students

  1. Empathy is to be able to understand others’ feelings and emotions. 
  2. As the phrase goes, it is to put ourselves “in one’s shoes”.
  3. Sympathy and empathy are two terms that are often confused with each other.
  4. It is to be understood that sympathy is different from empathy. 
  5. While sympathy means to share a person’s emotions, empathy is to understand them. 
  6. Rather than being a sympathetic person, one must always try to be empathetic.
  7. With empathy, one is able to recognise that everyone has their own problems and is struggling with the same.
  8. Without empathy, it would practically be impossible for human beings to coexist peacefully.
  9. That being said, one need not fear when they do not naturally empathise with others.
  10. It is only a learned trait and can be inculcated in any age.