10 Lines Essay on Electrician in English for Students

  1. An electrician is a person who installs and maintains electrical equipment.
  2. An electrician thus is a person who is very skilled with electricity and electrical issues. 
  3. They are thus the ones who help us with any electrical defaults.
  4. They “install, test, and maintain wiring, lighting systems, and fixtures in homes and businesses.”
  5. They also help fix faults in our wires and switches.
  6. Other than these simple tasks at home, they also are required for major work.
  7. Electricians thus work indoors and outdoors.
  8. These include the field of construction. 
  9. Here, they are needed again to set up poles and do the wiring of big buildings. 
  10. In the public sphere, they are even more needed for works like the construction of railways.