10 Lines Essay on Education in English for Students

  1. Education today is widely taught in English. 
  2. With a lot of languages prevalent, it becomes important to establish education in a common language.
  3. English for education is the best choice as it is the most common tongue spoken across the countries of the world.
  4. In fact, English is the official language of 67 countries.
  5. Teaching in English ensures that a student can learn not just their regional languages but also a global language.
  6. Proficiency ensures that students can find opportunities for higher studies and jobs anywhere across the globe.
  7. Studying in English also offers a value of credibility.
  8. This is so not because regional languages are inferior in any way but because English can be understood and appreciated globally. 
  9. Again, for example, one can submit research material which is written in English across the globe and needn’t be restricted to their own place. 
  10. Hence, educating students in English is very beneficial for them and opens many opportunities.