10 Lines Essay on Eco Tourism in English for Students

  1. Ecotourism refers to promotion of tourism without a negative impact on environment.
  2. In Ecotourism, the destinations are well connected with nature protection and promotion such as national parks.
  3. When experiencing nature is balanced with a sense of protection, the term used is called ecotourism.
  4. Ecotourism fosters a sense in us to preserve the biodiversity and do not take it for granted.
  5. It enables us to think that we are a part of the nature that is being destroyed by our own activities. 
  6. Ecotourism can contribute to the socioeconomic development of communities, providing income, employment, and alternative livelihood opportunities. 
  7. Ecotourism encourages tourists to engage in activities, such as hiking, birdwatching, and nature photography which has a zero carbon-footprint.
  8. Ecotourism also suggests not to engage in activities like illegal hunting and exploitation of our natural resources which can harm the environment. 
  9. Local food and handicrafts are often promoted in ecotourism initiatives, supporting local agriculture and traditional craftsmanship.
  10. The governments of various countries also provide incentives to promote ecotourism.