10 Lines Essay on Eco System in English for Students

  1. Ecosystem is a network of interaction between different living organisms and their environment.
  2. It mainly includes plants, animals, bacteria and abiotic components such as water and soil etc.
  3. The more the complexity in an ecosystem, the better are the chances of its survival.
  4. Ecosystems are of many types, such as forest, grassland, ocean ecosystem etc.
  5. Forest Ecosystem sustains a large amount of flora and fauna and also helps in balancing the environment.
  6. Ocean ecosystem play a significant role and acts as a global thermostat.
  7. Grassland ecosystem helps in maintenance of various food webs. 
  8. When ecosystems are disrupted, it can lead to the loss of species which is an unfavorable thing for the sustenance of life. 
  9. Ecosystems are interconnected, meaning that changes in one part of an ecosystem affect the other. 
  10. Human activities, such as deforestation, pollution, and habitat destruction, are major threats to ecosystems worldwide.