10 Lines Essay on Earth in English

  1. Earth is the only habitable planet in our solar system.
  2. It is third planet from the sun after Mercury and Venus.
  3. It is home to multitude of living organisms that have evolved to live here.
  4. The Earth’s geology is shaped by tectonic activity, resulting in mountains, valleys, and diverse landforms.
  5. The Earth is surrounded by an envelope of gases known as atmosphere.
  6. The Earth has one moon.
  7. The envelope of gases which surrounds the earth known as atmosphere consists of many gases such as Nitrogen and Oxygen.
  8. The Earth has three layers namely crust, mantle and core which are places one upon the other.
  9. The outermost layer is called Crust.
  10. The Earth has 70% water and 30% land area.