10 Lines Essay on DVD in English

  1. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc, which is used for storing content digitally.
  2. DVD can store a large amount of data ranging from 4.7 GB to 120 GB.
  3. DVD revolutionised home theatre experience as people could buy and watch a large amout of data.
  4. DVD invention also paved the way for OTT services like Netflix etc.
  5. DVD enabled the content creators to reach a wider audience.
  6. DVDs were invented after CDs were not able to cope up with the digital demand.
  7. DVD is more durable than CD and are less prone to data lost events.
  8. DVD can be of many kinds such as ROM, DVD-RW etc.
  9. Moserbaer was one of the leading manufacturer of DVD discs.
  10. DVD can be easily stores which makes them a perfect data storage option.