10 Lines Essay On Dutee Chand In English For Students

  1. Dutee Chand is a sprinter born in Orissa, India.
  2. She is known for her powerful sprints in 100m and 200m tracks.
  3. She was often bullied for being weak and small in her childhood.
  4. She has her lineage from the family of weavers.
  5. She was the first Indian female athlete to win gold medal in 100m sprint in Italy.
  6. She also has two silver medals in her name.
  7. Dutee Chand is a recipient of the prestigious Arjuna Award, which is India’s second-highest sporting honor.
  8. Due to a medical condition called ‘Hyperandrogenism’, she was banned by the international association of athletics federation but later the ban was cleared.
  9. She currently works in Orissa mining corporation as a manager.
  10. In 2016, after 32 years an Indian athlete was declared qualified to take part in the olympics and she was none other than Dutee Chand.