10 Lines Essay On Dustbin In English For Students

  1. Dustbin is a container which is used to store trash, and waste material temporarily to later discard it at a safer place.
  2. Dustbins have become very popular in India after the Indian government started the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.
  3. Dustbins are used in homes, offices, public places, and other areas where waste is generated.
  4. Dustbins are of many kinds, such as dry waste dustbins, wet waste dustbins, and e-waste dustbins.
  5. Some dustbins have lids or covers to keep the waste inside and to prevent unpleasant smells and pests from getting in.
  6. Many modern dustbins are equipped with features like foot pedals or sensors to make them more hygienic and convenient to use.
  7. Many developing countries promote the use of dustbin to educate their citizens to keep their surroundings clean and safe.
  8. Dustbins act as the cleansers of the environment.
  9. They are easily available at local grocery stores to promote their use.
  10. They are also being installed at every busy place all over the world to collect waste easily.