10 Lines Essay on Drones in English

  1. Drones are the unmanned aerial vehicles that are controlled remotely by an operator.
  2. Drones can fly at high altitudes without a pilot.
  3. Drones that are developed by military can fly at high altitudes and carry out military operations.
  4. Drones can capture stunning aerial footage and images that were once only possible with expensive equipment or helicopters.
  5. Drones can assist in firefighting efforts by providing real-time aerial footage to help firefighters assess the situation and plan strategies.
  6. Drones are often being considered as the new technique of aerial warfare.
  7. Drones equipped with sensors can collect data on air quality, weather patterns, and pollution levels, aiding in environmental research.
  8. Drones are used in disaster management, providing situational awareness and assisting in damage assessment after natural disasters.
  9. Drone are also used in drone racing which is a popular event in present time.
  10. Drones have been employed in humanitarian efforts, delivering medical supplies and aid to remote or disaster-stricken areas.