10 Lines Essay On Dharmapada In English For Students

  1. Dharmapada is a figure in Odiya folklore.
  2. He was the son of Bishumaharana, a great architect.
  3. Maharana was working on the construction of the Sun Temple at Konark.
  4. The construction was to be completed in 12 years.
  5. But Maharana was struggling to complete it in 12 years.
  6. The King would execute Maharana and the 1200 craftsmen if they failed to complete it in the given time.
  7. That is when Dharmapada approached his father and helped him.
  8. He single handedly completed the construction in a single night.
  9. The craftsmen feared that the King would kill them if he got to know a child did the work instead of them so they demanded Dharmapada’s killing.
  10. His father objected but Dharmapada jumped into the ocean and settled the debate.