10 Lines Essay On Contact Force In English For Students

  1. A contact force is a force that is applied by objects that are in contact with each other.
  2. There are six types of contact forces: applied force, frictional force, air resistance force, spring force, tension force, and normal force.
  3. “Applied force” is the force applied to an object by another object.
  4. The most common example of applied force is pushing a car.
  5. Frictional force occurs when two surfaces are pressed closely together; a common example is walking on a road.
  6. Air resistance acts on objects while they travel through the air; an example is a skydiver diving in the sky.
  7. Spring force is the force exerted by a stretched spring on an object attached to it.
  8. Tension force is the force transmitted through a rope or a string when it is pulled by forces acting from opposite sides.
  9. Normal force is the force that is felt when a surface pushes against an object that is placed on that surface.
  10. The example of normal force is when a person leans against a wall and the wall pushes horizontally on the person.