10 Lines Essay On Conservation Of Natural Resources In English For Students

  1. Natural resources include air, sunlight, water, soil, and fossil fuels. 
  2. We use natural resources for the production of energy and should use them wisely. 
  3. We can conserve our natural resources in many ways. 
  4. We can reduce our dependence on gasoline by taking public transportation, such as a bus or train, rather than driving ourselves. 
  5. We can reduce the consumption of water by not leaving the tap open while brushing or shaving, using a bucket to collect water to bathe instead of taking a shower, and also by not polluting the water bodies by throwing waste into them. 
  6. We should learn and practise using less electric power in our daily lives, only to satisfy our needs
  7. We should use renewable natural resources like the sun, wind, etc. and reduce the use of non-renewable sources like fossil fuels like coal and petroleum.
  8. Non- renewable resources deplete over time, and they have higher carbon emissions. 
  9. Natural resources are limited, and it is our duty to preserve them for future generations. 
  10. Depletion of natural resources can make the earth unfit for human survival.