10 Lines Essay On Conjunction In English For Students

  1. Conjunctions are parts of speech that are used to connect a word or a phrase. 
  2. For example, in the sentence, Asmi and Neha are siblings, the conjunction is ‘and’, where ‘and’ is used to connect two names. 
  3. There are three types of conjunction: coordinating, paired, and subordinating. 
  4. A correlating conjunction connects words or phrases that serve the same grammatical purpose in a sentence. 
  5. There are seven main coordinating conjunctions in English grammar, known by the acronym FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. 
  6. For example, in the sentence, this course is very difficult to study but gives you a very valuable degree, the conjunction ‘but’ connects the two phrases. 
  7. Pairing conjunctions, which consist of two words or phrases, are used to make a point.
  8. The examples are both…and, not only…but also, either…or, and neither…nor. 
  9. Subordinating conjunctions join a subordinate clause and a main clause to establish a relationship between the two; examples include after, although, because, unless, until, etc.
  10. In the sentence, we went for a movie after having dinner, ‘after’ combines “we went for a movie” and “having dinner” to make a relationship between the two of them.