10 Lines Essay On Confidence In English For Students

  1. Confidence is an important quality that everyone should have in their life.
  2. It makes the path to success possible.
  3. It is said that half the job is done if you have strong confidence.
  4. A lack of confidence can make the matter worse. 
  5. For example, you prepared well for a recitation competition, but your lack of confidence while presenting the recitation caused you to forget words and begin to stammer.
  6. Confidence will help you in this situation. 
  7. We must have confidence in all aspects of our lives.
  8. We should be confident about ourselves first of all, only then can we have faith in the things in which we are involved
  9. Confidence is one of the biggest assets that one can have.
  10. There can be failures in our lives, but our confidence will help us get over the failure and start working for success.