10 Lines Essay On Conductor In English For Students

  1. A conductor is a person on a public bus who has the duty to give tickets to the passengers. 
  2. A conductor usually has a uniform. 
  3. A conductor also has the duty to help the passengers on a bus with their bus stops. 
  4. If a passenger has doubts about his or her get-off stop on a bus, they can seek the help of the bus conductor.
  5. If a passenger has to get off at a stop, the conductor will alert the driver by ringing the bell to stop the bus. 
  6. A bus conductor moves from one end of the bus to the other to collect tickets from the passengers. 
  7. If any passenger gets sick on the bus, a conductor comes to their aid. 
  8. At the end of the trip, it is the duty of the bus conductor to give the trip’s cash collection to the bus depot. 
  9. A conductor only gets minutes to rest before each trip. 
  10. A conductor also gives instructions to the driver when the bus has to take a reverse turn.