10 Lines Essay On Computer Virus In English For Students

  1. Computer viruses are a type of malware. 
  2. It is actually a type of computer programme.
  3. When this programme is executed, it replicates itself by modifying other computer programmes and inserting its own code into those programmes.
  4. If this replication is successful, this code will infect other programmes.
  5. Some of the computer viruses are Trojan horses, ransomware, and adware.
  6. Computer Virus can destroy data and slow down the system. 
  7. A computer virus can enter our system without our knowledge. 
  8. To protect your computer from the attack of a virus, you can install anti-virus software on your computer system. 
  9. This anti-virus software consists of programmes that can detect harmful software in your system. 
  10. Some of the antivirus software companies are Norton, AVAST, McAfee, etc.