10 Lines Essay On Computer The Wonder Machine In English For Students

  1. A computer is an electronic device that helps to store data. 
  2. It is a wonder machine, as it helps complete tasks quickly and easily. 
  3. It has helped to overcome many problems related to data storage, data processing, analysis, etc.
  4. Charles Babbage is the father of the computer. 
  5. He developed the machine to store and process data in the mid-1830s. 
  6. From there onwards to the present day, a computer machine has undergone various changes in size, shape, tasks, etc.
  7. A computer has input and output devices: input devices for the user to input the data and output devices for the computer to give the output of the data. 
  8. A computer is used in all fields. 
  9. A computer is used in the hospital, in schools, in business, and also for entertainment purposes. 
  10. We can watch movies, listen to music, play games, draw digital pictures, perform calculations, and conduct online meetings and conferences using a computer.