10 Lines Essay On Computer Speakers In English For Students

  1. Computer speakers are speakers that are connected to a computer. 
  2. They are multimedia speakers.
  3. They often come in a pair. 
  4. They will have a wire to be connected to the CPU of the computer or to the UPS. 
  5. There are also Bluetooth speakers available to be connected to a computer. 
  6. These are wireless and connected by pairing them with the computer. 
  7. ALTEC Lansing, a US-based electronic company, claims to have created the computer speaker market in the 1990s.
  8. At present, computer speakers are available in various price ranges and quality levels. 
  9. In laptops, speakers are attached to them with restricted sound quality.
  10. Speakers are important in a computer as they make it possible to listen to songs, watch movies, etc.