10 Lines Essay On Communication Skills In English For Students

  1. Communication skills are the skills that a person has if he or she is able to convey ideas and feelings effectively and accurately. 
  2. Good communication skills are always an asset to everyone.
  3. It helps a person flourish in their career and profession. 
  4. There are jobs that only demand good communication skills from the candidates applying for them. 
  5. A person with poor and weak communication skills can mislead others with false and inaccurate information.
  6. Good communication skills are important not just in the workplace but in one’s personal life as well.
  7. If we have good communication skills, it will boost our confidence, especially while meeting a large crowd. 
  8. To improve our communication skills, we should first develop good listening skills, as listening clearly to a conversation avoids misunderstandings and increases clarity.
  9. Keep good body language and always try to maintain eye contact with the people you are talking to.
  10. Always think before sharing your idea, as you should know very well about the subject and what should be conveyed and what shouldn’t.