10 Lines Essay On Communal Harmony In English For Students

  1. Communal harmony means there is peace and friendship among different communal and religious groups. 
  2. Communal harmony is needed in every nation. 
  3. A nation with communal harmony is a socially developed nation. 
  4. Only a nation with communal harmony can make progress.
  5. Since India is a secular and diverse country, it gives much importance to communal harmony. 
  6. In India, every person respects and celebrates other traditions and cultures in the country. 
  7. However, there are times when the communal harmony of the nation is questioned and challenged when riots and protests occur in the name of religion. 
  8. They cannot be neglected as isolated situations. 
  9. In India, every year, former prime minister Rajeev Gandhi’s birthday on August 20 is observed as ‘Sadbhavana Day” to promote communal harmony among people of all religions and regions. 
  10. Children must be taught from an early age the importance of communal harmony and how their actions shouldn’t lead to anything that disrupts the communal harmony of the place they live in.