10 Lines Essay On Commonwealth Games In English For Students

  1. The Commonwealth Games is a large sporting event in which only athletes from Commonwealth countries participate and compete.
  2. It is the big sporting event after the Olympics and is held once every four years. 
  3. The Commonwealth Games are organised by the Commonwealth Games Federation. 
  4. The first game was held in Canada in 1930. 
  5. Commonwealth Games were first called British Empire Games. 
  6. The games were referred to as “Commonwealth Games” from 1978 onwards. 
  7. There are a total of 71 teams participating in this sporting event. 
  8. During the medal ceremonies, three flags fly. 
  9. These are the flags of the hosting country, the country that hosted the previous game, and the country that will host the next game. 
  10. Australia has won the most medals at the Commonwealth Games.