10 Lines Essay On Commitment In English For Students

  1. Commitment means being dedicated to an activity, cause, etc. 
  2. Everybody will be committed to something in their life. 
  3. Some people are extremely dedicated to their job or profession, while others are extremely dedicated to their loved ones. 
  4. If you are committed to your profession, it means that you prioritise it above all else. 
  5. One who is committed to their life will plan their life appropriately. 
  6. If their plan goes well, they will be able to achieve all their ambitions and dreams. 
  7. Some are very committed to their families. 
  8. They give more importance to the family’s happiness than their own. 
  9. The commitments we make can sometimes limit our rights and freedom. 
  10. We must ensure that we make the right and necessary commitments in our lives.