10 Lines Essay On College In English For Students

  1. A college is an institution for higher education.
  2. College gives us the opportunity to specialise in the subject of our interest.
  3. We can only join a college after passing our higher secondary school examination. 
  4. We get our degrees after successfully completing our courses at the college. 
  5. There are professional colleges and non-professional colleges. 
  6. Professional colleges are the colleges that offer professional courses like bachelor’s degrees in medicine, engineering, nursing, law, hotel management, etc.
  7. Nonprofessional colleges are arts and science colleges that offer BA, BSC, and BCOM degrees. 
  8. A person who teaches at a college is called a professor.
  9. There are numerous colleges around the world. 
  10. The colleges are given points and rankings based on their performances in academics and co-curricular activities.