10 Lines Essay On Coconut In English For Students

  1. Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut tree.
  2. A coconut is used in the preparation of food, especially in the Indian state of Kerala. 
  3. A coconut has a spherical shape with a hard outer covering. 
  4. Inside the covering, there is coconut water and the white fleshy part. 
  5. The coconut water is sweet, and we can drink it. 
  6. The fleshy white part can be grated and is used to make curry, pudding, and desserts.
  7. Coconut milk can be extracted from the grated coconut by squeezing it. 
  8. Payasam, a sweet dessert, is made using coconut milk. 
  9. The coconut can be dried, and the coconut oil extracted from the dried coconut is used for cooking and skin moisturizing.
  10. Coconuts are high in manganese, which is good for our bone health.