10 Lines Essay On Coastal Plains In English For Students

  1. A coastal plain is a flat, low-lying area that lies adjacent to a seacoast. 
  2. The best-known examples of coastal plains are the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains of North America. 
  3. The Gulf Coastal Plain runs a distance of 1579 km. 
  4. In India, there are western coastal plains and eastern coastal plains. 
  5. They lie on either side of the Deccan Plateau along the eastern and western coasts of India. 
  6. These two coastal plains meet at Kanyakumari in the south. 
  7. Together, they cover a total distance of 6150 km. 
  8. The deltas present on the east coastal plains of India are very fertile and productive for agriculture. 
  9. There are big and small ports in the coastal plains that help with trade. 
  10. The coastal plains of India are densely populated, with fishing as the primary occupation.