10 Lines Essay On Climate Change In English For Students

  1. Climate change is a serious problem faced by the world today.
  2. It means long term change in temperature and weather patterns.
  3. It results in floods, droughts, high rainfall, heat waves etc.
  4. It is making day to day life harsh for humans, animals as well as plants.
  5. Climate change is the result of human activities like burning fossil fuels etc.
  6. The increase in temperature is causing global warming.
  7. As a result of global warming, glaciers are melting leading to floods and increase in water levels.
  8. We should plant more and more trees to check climate change.
  9. Only we can stop this whole changing climate by checking activities that are harmful to nature.
  10. We should make everyone aware of the growing problem and thus contribute towards saving our climate because “Every small effort counts”.