10 Lines Essay On Cleanliness In English For Students

  1. The habit of keeping oneself and our surroundings clean is called ‘cleanliness’.
  2. There is a famous saying,” Cleanliness is close to Godliness”.
  3. It helps us to stay refreshed and hygienic on a personal level.
  4. It helps us to maintain good health and lead an active lifestyle.
  5. It includes wearing clean clothes, washing hands regularly, bathing, etc.
  6. Proper disposal of waste and reducing, reusing and recycling can make our surroundings clean.
  7. On 2nd october 2014, the government of India introduced the “Clean India mission”.
  8. The purpose of this mission was to keep oneself as well as our surroundings clean.
  9. We should adopt this habit of cleanliness, as it is our social responsiblity.
  10. It is a very important habit that a person should include in his or her lifestyle.