10 Lines Essay on Cleanliness in English for Students

  1. Cleanliness is extremely important in our lives.
  2. A clean person is respected and liked by everyone in the society.
  3. It is very important to teach children about cleanliness and know the value of it.
  4. Cleanliness also avoids various types of illness and diseases.
  5. A person needs to maintain their hygiene everywhere they go in life.
  6. One has to be clean not just with the body but with the surroundings as well. 
  7. Washing hands is very important as we keep touching a lot of things which may have a lot of bacteria.
  8. We should try and educate the uneducated on this matter and at the same time re-educate the educated on the significance of cleanliness.
  9. If the environment is clean, it not only helps the physical body but the spiritual health as well.
  10. A person is said to be more productive in a clean environment.