10 Lines Essay on City Lucknow in English for Students

  1. Lucknow is a beautiful city that is located in Uttar Pradesh.
  2. This city is known for its magnificent architecture.
  3. A Lot of people and tourist come to visit this place as they learn about the history of it.
  4. Based on the 2023 report, it is said that Lucknow has approximately about 3,945,000 people.
  5. Based on the reports, the majority of the people are Hindus there.
  6. One has to be well aware of English and Hindi as one visits this city.
  7. The other name of Lucknow is ‘The City of Nawabs’.
  8. One of India’s top manufacturing companies is also located in Lucknow like That Motors.
  9. It is also popularly known for its tallest clock tower which is extremely beautiful and magnificent.
  10.  Asia’s biggest park is also situated in Lucknow which attracts a lot of tourist.