10 Lines Essay on City Karachi in English for Students

  1. My city is called Karachi city which is in Pakistan.
  2. The name of my city is in itself very unique.
  3. The months of May and June are extremely hot in my city.
  4. It has also faced a lot of pollution problems.
  5. My city also has a variety of animals found in the wild like wolves, hog deer, jackals, wild cats, and others.
  6. The majority of the people are Hindus in my city.
  7. One has to be aware of the language Urdu if one plans on visiting my city.
  8. My city also has the biggest transport hub.
  9. It is a very busy city, especially with the international airport situated there.
  10. The people who stay or are inhabitants of my city, Karachi are known as Karachiwala.