10 Lines Essay on City Agra in English for Students

  1. My city Agra is a hotspot for the whole of India as well as lots of tourists.
  2. Every year a lot of tourists come to my city. The visitation decreased especially during the phase of Covid-19.
  3. My city is especially known for its historical sites like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, and lots more.
  4. The weather in my city can get very hot during the summer and pleasant during the winter.
  5. It also has such beautiful sunsets.
  6. Agra is also known for its busy streets and nightlife.
  7. The most popular river that is studied is also situated in Agra called the Yamuna River.
  8. Back in history, it was one of the most powerful cities in the country.
  9. One has to be aware of Urdu or Hiddi when visiting my city.
  10. Around the street, there are a lot of child and adult beggars.