10 Lines Essay On Chipko Andolan In English For Students

  1. Chipko andolan took place in Garhwal himalayas in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand in 1973.
  2. It was inspired by the Bishnoi community of Marwar district of Rajasthan.
  3. It was an ecological movement led by villagers especially women.
  4. Chipko andolan is known as Chipko movement in english.
  5. The word ‘chipko’ means ’embrace’ in english.
  6. Its aim was to prevent cutting of trees by hugging them.
  7. It had a very large impact on forest conservation in India.
  8. It was one of the first movements concerned with environment protection.
  9. The movement acts as an inspiration for many eco- groups across the world.
  10. It was a “Forest Satyagraha” led by marginalized and tribal people.