10 Lines Essay On Chini Ka Rauza In English For Students

  1. Chini Ka Rauza is a famous monument present in Agra.
  2. It was built during the period of Shah Jahan in 1635.
  3. It was built in the memory of the great poet Allama Afzal Khan.
  4. The monument is decorated with colourful and glazed tile work.
  5. The tomb is made from the tiles made of Chinese clay also known as Chini Mitti in many parts of India.
  6. The tomb is built in Afghan style.
  7. It is the only monument with Persian architecture in India.
  8. The walls of the monument have islamic inscriptions written on them.
  9. The tomb is built in such a way that it faces Mecca Masjid.
  10. China ka Rauza is masterpiece in itself.