10 Lines Essay On Child Marriage In English For Students

  1. Child marriage is one of the social evil present in our society.
  2. It is related to marrying children before their marriageable age.
  3. This evil badly affects the whole life of children and takes away their opportunity to have a normal childhood.
  4. The girl child is the major victim of this social evil.
  5. The major reasons for marrying a child are poverty, dowry, illiteracy, religious and cultural pressure.
  6. Many famous personalities like Raja Ram Mohan Roy have raised their voice against this evil in the past.
  7. After the introduction of the Sarda act of 1929, it became illegal in India.
  8. The marriageable age is 18 for girls and 21 for boys in India.
  9. Though illegal, it is still in practice in some far flung rural areas.
  10. It must be completely stopped and education can prove to be a major milestone for eradication of this evil.