10 Lines Essay On Chhota Bheem In English For Students

  1. Chhota bheem is an Indian animated cartoon series.
  2. “Bheem” is the leading character of this series.
  3. Bheem and his friends live in the fictional village of Dholakpur.
  4. He is a very active, adventurous, intelligent and curious boy.
  5. He always helps his friends and villagers, when in trouble.
  6. His favourite food is laddu made by Tun-Tun mausi.
  7. Chutki, Jagu, Raju, Dholu, Bholu and Kaliya Ustad are his six best friends.
  8. They fight bad people together, destroy evil and stand for justice.
  9. Krishna who lives in Mathura is also one of his friends.
  10. Bheem is my favourite and I love watching “Chhota Bheem”.