10 Lines Essay On Chemist In English For Students

  1. Chemist is a scientist trained in the field of chemistry.
  2. A chemist studies the composition as well as properties of matter.
  3. In common English, a pharmacist is often called a chemist.
  4. A chemist is a healthcare professional who distributes medications and provides advice for their safe use.
  5. They deal with the chemicals and compounds to deal with a disease.
  6. A chemist is a genius who protects us from many diseases.
  7. It is a very good profession and one has to study a lot to be a good chemist.
  8. Chemists make certain medicinal drugs available at low cost.
  9. They are the primary care provider to the community and promote public health.
  10. Chemists are the first point of contact for patients with health inquiries.